Claim the audacious freedom of exploring your true desires

without angst or apology.

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You are a great lover of life, joy and energy pours out of you, and people respond to that. 

People remember you.

And whether it’s family, friends, colleagues, clients — you are so grateful for them and their appreciation when it comes.

  • “wow, everytime I talk to you, you have a way of making me feel so much more calm and grounded. Thank you.”
  • “You’re amazing!  I love the way you see things so differently.”
  • “I always feel more positive when you’re around. I’m so glad our paths crossed and I have you in my life”
  • “Thank you for all you do in creating space for fun and connection”


But what they don’t see is the secret tears of helpless frustration you cry behind closed doors –

in the shower after you’ve lost it and screamed at your partner or your children;

curled up on your bed at the end of an exhausting day holding it together at work or with your parents;

lying on the floor of your living room in despair and bewilderment when life feels overwhelming.

For all the love you put out into the world, into every single thing you do, and for all the goodness and kindness that comes back to you, you can’t seem to feel and enjoy any of it.

Because there is something critical missing, something you know you should be doing but you just can’t put your finger on it, no matter how hard you try.

And you’ve tried doing so many things, searching, always searching for what it is that feels true and right for you.

You’ve studied – again and again – so many years, so many qualifications.

You’ve fallen into and out of relationships.

You’ve walked into and out of jobs.

You’ve travelled the world, and explored your neighbourhood.

You’ve eaten healthy and unhealthy and everywhere in between.

You’ve dabbled with drinking, smoking and popping.

You’ve run and skipped and jumped and thrown and caught and yogaed and danced and lifted and dropped and pushed and pulled and hit and kicked.

Maybe you’ve had children of your own, and now they’re growing up and away from you.

Either way –

You still don’t know what you want to be when you grow up.

Secretly, you are desperate – lost and scared.

Very few people around you, even the closest, have any inkling of your desperation.

Nobody truly understands the depth of it 

– even you are afraid to look into the void again, because you are absolutely out of options, despite your demonstrated history of creativity, active engagement and problem solving brilliance.


So here’s the truth.

You were a gifted child.   You’re a smart, successful and sensitive adult.

The reason you’re screamingly unsatisfied is because you’re aware enough to know that you’ve settled for less than the full expression of your exceptional potential.

You are NOT the problem here >

The commodity driven Western world is bound by its own white colonial capitalist logic to  amplify the bulge at the middle of the consumer curve – not to seek out and uplift extraordinary outliers.

There are no obvious instructions on where to go, how to proceed, when you exist at the outer edge of the mainstream.   You’re on your own, staring out into infinite darkness.

When you look around for the lights, there is an inexorable drift and drag back toward the high profile, safe bet average. 

All your life you have been trapped in the thrall of the tawdry.


showy but cheap and of poor quality.
“tawdry jewellery”

Which is devastatingly paradoxical, when you basically generate your own gravity with your genuine depth of presence and intense aliveness. 

Settler society doesn’t acknowledge that a kind and thoughful character like yours can even exist.

A character whose every choice and action is carefully considered and intended for the highest good of all.


You come to doubt your own value, because you don’t see yourself reflected anywhere.

You’re caught in an exhausting mental emotional loop between the impenetrable blankness of the unknown and the unbearable disappointment of the known.


So, how do you break the enchantment?

By getting real.


Close your eyes and move towards the diamonds in the darkness.

It’s time to experience the luminous power of living from your unarguable personal truth

Your path to satisfaction – to escaping the false security of mediocrity – is to learn two things

  • To think for yourself, and redefine the terms of your engagement with the world.
  • To know and trust what you really want, and to follow that with humility and devotion.


I’m here to guide you to do exactly that.


Unleash your genius

A 13 week 1:1 embodiment coaching program enabling you to claim the audacious freedom of blooming where you’re planted.

This isn’t another surface level patch up job, glossing over the cracks in your facade with leading questions, quick fix affirmations and half assed action.

It’s full body foundational engineering – a purposeful, no nonsense enquiry that guides you directly into, through and beyond the root causes of your self doubt and inaction.

You’ll be getting down and dirty – crying and laughing and learning to love the silent, awkward, murky bits of your truth that your entertaining stories don’t touch – and turning that shit into gold.

In our 13 weeks together, you’ll 

ESTABLISH the value of the edgy bits of your life that *don’t* fit the typical social story of what’s important/desirable to feature in highlights.   This means you’ll be looking at what remains on the table when working hard, health, sex, money, home reno, travel, performance cooking and working hard – are swept away.

PRIORITISE time for moving your body more expressively, dancing through your world in more gentle and creative ways, escaping the feeling of stuckness and opening to a deep sense of trust and dynamic partnership with life

REDISCOVER your ability to listen to and laugh with your children (and/ or inner child)  instead of directing them and worrying.

BECOME truly discerning with friendships, investing your social time more wisely, with a view to calling in truly stellar circles of humans around you who appreciate and reflect your brilliance.

FIND ingenious ways to become more effective and systematic at work, so you can delegate energy draining tasks and use your best mental capacity for scaling up what feels joyful and high return.

LEARN to ride out emotional whirlwinds, rather than be caught up in them, and use that energy to create robust personal boundaries and hence clean, interdependent relationships

UNDERSTAND and deeply value rest and alone time over constant contact and catching up when you’re not working, so you can show up with greater presence and intention at the places and times you choose.

GET PERMISSION to welcome those new plants/animals you’ve been thinking about into your garden,  as the ultimate KPI telling the world that you are DONE keeping up with consumer culture, and you’re ready to sit down with a cup of tea to watch the grass grow and let your mind wander for a while.

Ellen N

I asked Rachael to create a retreat for me, a space for my approaching middle aged soul to shed and be known.

What she created was collaborative, deep, nurturing, safe and expertly held…profound.

Rachael’s facilitation capacity goes deeper than just being grounded. She sat with me in the murky parts of my being, maintaining an unwavering responsiveness with me, a very deep listening.

The transformation I have experienced since working with Rachael has been subtle, sustainable and joyful. There is now a daily effortless sense of knowing who I am.

I just get to be me all of the time now! 

I absolutely recommend weaving some magic with Rachael. You will come to know all of who you are.

Want to create your own sustainable and joyful transformation?

These are the eight steps to Unleash your Genius

Each meeting has a specific theme to provide clear context for your exporation:

1.  Discovery

Spend obligation free 1:1 time together talking openly about your passions.

Get an experiential sense of whether this partnership feels like one you can trust and commit to for the duration. 

Receive the benefit of authentic, intimate and personal embodied freedom coaching.

Gain the knowledge to consent to going ahead with 1:1 coaching, through honestly evaluating your live embodied experience in this meeting.

2.  Definition

Use the natural polarity created by a body based check-in to acknowledge your true experience and uncover your deepest desire

Overcome resistance to change and avoidance of action for fear of failure

Focus on a relevant and achievable overarching goal for the program.

Gain clarity and motivation, by committing to a soul nourishing and liberating daily practice to maintain your growing connection with your chosen destination

3.  Digging Deep

Allow yourself to be guided inward to gently reveal and sensitively explore unnamed and unacknowledged personal experiences

Subvert unconscious patterns of avoidance and denial

Find surprising internal space and movement, uncovering wriggle room where you least expected it.

Gain access to hidden personal truth and freedom, by approaching wounds with kindness and curiosity

4.  Disruption

Take the time to patiently open your heart and mind to the value of underused alternative beliefs and behaviours

Subvert your habitual shame/grief suffocating patterns

Breathe new possibility and enthusiasm into previously overwhelming tasks/situations.

Gain freedom and energy through offering yourself patience and compassion.

5.  Daring

Safely try on and experiment with new, empowered self expression behaviours

Overcome self doubt about appropriate presentation and expression. 

Know and take ownership of exactly what lights you up

Gain radiant confidence and clarity through intentional embodied experience

6.  Delight

Sink into the thrill of being you, with gentle guidance to open to and stay present with pleasure

Subvert feelings of awkwardness, unfamiliarity or embarrassing inadequacy

Immerse yourself in the exquisite pleasure of your natural blooming 

Gain the softness of flowing contentment in your own sensuality

7.  Desire

Facilitate body based polarity and emotional connection between you and your desire

Overcome the lack of clear communication and murky relationship status

Feel earth moving chemistry between you and your desire

Gain concrete certainty and piercing clarity by directly addressing the attraction between you and your desire

8.  Direction

Reconnect with your true purpose, and acknowledge how far you’ve come already.

Overcome lingering vestiges of uncertainty, self doubt or unworthiness

Celebrate your unique achievements and general magnificence

Gain humility and courage to continue with steadfast devotion along your personal path of profound and uplifting self acceptance.

Rachael has an warm and compassionate presence which is so genuine and empowering. If you’re seeking a coach to support you stepping more fully into your power, I’d highly recommend working with Rachael”

Jenna Ward

School of Embodied Arts

Here’re the four keys you’ll use to unlock audacious freedom and unleash your genius 

First Date Chemistry test – online

Enrolment closes 1 May 2023

Spend 45-60 minutes on a zero obligation discovery call

Overcome doubt around your capacity to open up and share your passions with me in a live 1:1 coaching environment

Speak and think freely about what’s truly going on for you personally right now and what you want to achieve.  

Learn more about the 1:1 embodiment coaching program as it applies to you, and ask any lingering questions.

PLUS receive an earworm song to play on repeat in your head – musical medicine and a pointer to freedom


Following this call, you’ll have time to reflect and assess the chemistry level to decide whether UYG is the right vehicle to move you toward claiming your dream of audacious freedom.

7 bi-weekly 1:1 embodiment coaching meetings – online

Bring attention to a different incident in your life each meeting, following the trail of what is most alive in your body when you check in each fortnight.

Overcome the tendency to tunnel vision, fixation on resolution of a single issue as the magic bullet.

Be guided through a structured series of organic processes, each with a different focus, to open up a broad and interconnected field of enquiry.

Touch on and learn to decipher the hidden value messages across a wide range of your real life situations

The experience of the whole is way more than the sum of the parts, even though each of the parts is pretty astonishing in its own right

Daily practice in your own home environment – OFFLINE

Relentlessly show up, with zero performance expectation and golden minimum* time and effort, for 12 weeks in your chosen discipline.
(*thank you Mikaela Boehm for this concept)

Overcome the fear of beginning your true work 

Begin, again and again, and learn to relax, trust and surrender into the unfolding wonders of your unique process

Understand that doing the thing creates outcomes that cannot be foreseen, achieved or avoided by thinking about the thing


Breathe, sing, dance, write

Smile, speak, walk, draw.

Lover,  creator, artist, poet

Friend, witness, traveller, visionary

Exclusive access to curated group sharing space – online

Engage with other people who are the most likely to truly understand and be interested in the nitty gritty details of the shifts you are experiencing

Overcome the inherent sense of loneliness in your growth

Guaranteed empathetic and encouraging audience to connect and share excitement and anxiety around transformational experience – both the astonishing insights and unsettling fears that arise from any part of the UYG process.  

Accelerate and amplify your learning curve by participating in this optional group gathering space open exclusively to the cohort of extraordinary humans participating in the UYG 1:1 embodiment coaching program at the same time as you.

Bonus #1 : Sensual Embodied Dance classs – online

Sensual Embodied Dance seduces you to move in a fresh, fluid, immediately experiential way.

Escape your tight, tired, closed, bored, numb, overwhelmed mind, which is bloated from being overfull of unspeakable feelings and unthinkable ideas.

Sink into wordless movement, evoking effortless communication and understanding.  

Shift the things that are beyond thinking out of your headspace.

Create bandwidth to think clearly.

Rest into the radiant responsive presence and aliveness that is your birthright.

The signature SED structure, created by my teacher Holly Wodetzki, weaves guided and intuitive dance sequences into an ecstatic natural flow of body, heart and mind opening physical expression.


2 x 90 minute live online group classes included 

Bonus #2 :  Slow Bling – OFFLINE

Your consistent daily practice over weeks and months is a substantial commitment and achievement, which will absolutely improve your skill and competency in your chosen discipline.   It will also bring many other mental, emotional and spiritual benefits on different levels in more and less subtle, intangible ways.

And sometimes, if you’re anything like me,

what you really want is just to get a freaking prize for showing up and doing the thing!

Meet SLOW BLING (I might have just invented that term) – a unique and meaningful piece of flashy jewellery handmade by you, exquisitely slowly, adding one single bead each day, verifying your practice.

By accumulating beads on  a string, you create a simple effective visible affirmation that you are doing the thing and something more than just a pile of disconnected pieces is growing.

You’ll gradually put together a beautiful rosary of personal devotion, which you can wear as a long necklace or a wrap bracelet on completion.  It will be a lasting proof and celebration of you showing up, imperfectly and consistently, for 108 days.  


You’ll receive a package in the mail (yay!) containing everything you need craft this special reward for your devotion 

– 108 mixed beads, thread, clasp and a quick-start guide.  

Here’s *exactly* how you’ll turn “grrrrrrrr!”  into “great! Let’s go!”.

When you feed your “URGH!  *this* is bugging me right now” struggle (#firstworldproblems welcome) 

into your thinking space

You’ll be able to extract a relaxing dose of inner peace and a natural burst of creative energy

from your feeling space

Because refined thinking enables you to 

  • polarise the specifics of where you are now against where you want to be, allowing an instuitive mental bridge between the two to be created.


  • identify the critical part of the bridge – the section that requires extra support to make the whole thing viable


  • keep the feeling enquiry grounded and the outcomes genuinely actionable and measurable.

Because sensitive feeling enables you to

  • gently open to and embrace the uncomfortable and unfamiliar sensations you have been avoiding / denying


  • explore and unravel the elegant entanglement of feelings, beliefs and experiences that have been getting in the way of you simply doing what you want and need to do.


  • acknowledge and claim your truth, along with the surprising permission and joy it brings to your thinking and acting

The result of repeated practice of weaving together thinking and feeling is to 

  • Develop your ability to think for yourself (rather than against yourself)
  • Stop those unnecessary “am I good enough?” doubts taking up precious bandwidth and falsely limiting your growth potential
  • Increase your ability to trust and follow what you truly need and desire
  • Rest into “I can definitely achieve this in perfect time” confidence based on the confluence of your capacity and commitment

That’s a lot of words to absorb and process!

Here’s a sweet and sensory summary:

UYG experience in 25 words >


You’ll feel a little bit like you’re drawing a long diamond necklace slowly out of a velvet pouch 
















If this is the essential experience you’ve been looking for…

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 Unleash Your Genius

And claim the audacious freedom of blooming where you’re planted

Secure one of the 7 places available


One payment of

$3600 USD


Three monthly payments of

$1200 USD

In case you’re wondering

Your genius is enough

Your genius is the gossamer thread of inner guidance that cajoles you inexorably forwards along your unique personal path.


Your kind of natural genius cannot be measured by looking at IQ cleverness, or EQ success.

You behaving more thoughtfully, sensitively, emotionally than the average person – that’s your genius.


Your genius is manifest in the series of choices and actions that have formed and continue to form your extraordinary – beyond average – life.

It is your quiet embodied genius which

  • Brings you to a decision point 
  • helps you overcome your doubts and fears
  • encourages you to choose your bravest next step, 
  • Shows you the exact assistants you require along the way,
  • surprises you with a blinding spark of magic when you need it most, 
  • allows you to be accepted and embraced by a group of exceptional humans as unique as you are
  • reminds you that you are human, and your greatest resource is your natural connection with other human beings who love you  (and all the other beings on the planet)


Yes, your genius is enough, and more than enough – your genius is plenty

Hone your innate life navigation skills >>>

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 Unleash Your Genius

And claim the audacious freedom of blooming where you’re planted

Secure one of the 7 places available


One payment of

$3600 USD


Three monthly payments of

$1200 USD

Your prospects can shift very quickly when you let go of what’s impossible

When you commit to the laughably achievable goals you’ll set for yourself inside our coaching container,  that’s when you’ll be free to

  • Take the first step
  • Try another way to make it work
  • Find sustainable action
  • Gain momentum
  • Generate creative ideas
  • allow reasonable risk
  • Make awkward mistakes
  • Achieve surprising insights
  • Grow courageously


Which means that whatever happens, you’ll end up with net positive growth experience that you won’t classify as another predictable failure.

Instead you’ll rightly claim your outcome as an audacious success, and a stepping stone to even greater growth and expansion to come.   The confidence you develop from accumulating small wins gives you the freedom to believe that bigger ones are also within reach.


And you know what else?….


You’ll naturally reframe past outcomes with a positive spin, and come to understand that
you are building on to a long history of growth and freedom not starting now from scratch.

Accelerate to your next level of joy >>>

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 Unleash Your Genius

And claim the audacious freedom of blooming where you’re planted

Secure one of the 7 places available


One payment of

$3600 USD


Three monthly payments of

$1200 USD

Your genius needs a willing audience

If you could reach this kind of freedom on your own, you’d be there by now

You are familiar with the idea of freedom – inside your head.

What you lack is permission to be as free thinking/sensing/feeling around other people as you are when you’re alone.

To simply be yourself, when you’re not by yourself.


Arrival is the experience you’re missing:

Being met and welcomed, with open hearted grace, when you’re absolutely sparkling, as well as when you’re absolutely not.


Inside Unleash your genius,  you’ll come to truly believe that all of you, all of your genius, is welcome here, and you’ll finally feel free to

  • Wear what you like (not what everybody else wears)
  • Say what you think (not what others want to hear)
  • Do what lights you up (not what others say you should do)
  • Have what’s important to you (not what others tell you is valuable)
  • Go places that call you (not where others say is best to go)

Look out world!

The two extreme parts of your life you hide from most people 

– the low and slow moments, when you’re feeling lost and alone, your mind crushing you down and inward –

+ the high speed leaps of blinding insight that come effortlessly to you but leave many folks around you feeling confused and nonplussed.

> are the highlights that will reward you most when you allow yourself to be held and  witnessed by another human being enabling you to explore deeper and further than ever before.

Feel welcome and embraced in your awkard moments

Sign up to

 Unleash Your Genius

And claim the audacious freedom of blooming where you’re planted

Secure one of the 7 places available


One payment of

$3600 USD


Three monthly payments of

$1200 USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I book my First Date?

You’ll receive an email confirming the date and time of your First Date meeting, plus outlining how to make best use of the time during the call.

Show up for the call just as you are

There is no personal preparation required.

During the call, answer the questions you’re asked as openly and honestly as you’re able, and ask whatever questions you need to get the information to make the best decision for yourself.

There will be no sales pressure, no obligation to agree to anything that is not exactly what you want and need to do.

Book your free first date by 1 May 2023

You’ll receive payment details, coaching contract and meeting scheduling information to process after our First Date meeting, when you have decided to commit to the program.

Your 1:1 embodiment coaching sessions will begin week of 5 May for 13 weeks (7 fortnightly meetings)

Are Refunds available?


As a general rule, refunds are not available.

You are invited to take as much time as you need to decide whether the potential return on investment (increased freedom, joy and quality of your life) makes this 1:1 coaching program a reasonable financial risk to take.  

Gather all the information you need to make a decision that feels true for you.

Schedule your free first date, engage with the experience, ask questions.

When you are ready, commit the necessary resources to convert potential into reality, without reservation.

Are there Scholarships available?


I have benefitted immensely from the generosity of reduced price coaching scholarships, and I am so happy to pay that forward.

I am delighted to offer one seat this round at reduced price to make the experience more financially accessible.

Check the scholarship request box when you schedule your FREE First Date call, to discuss your situation during our initial obligation free meeting.

Is this a safe space if I’m Blak, BIPOC, LGBTIQ+ or hold other, intersectional, marginalised identities?

I believe so and I’m still learning.

As a white woman, committed to endlessly breaking out of whitewashed-world-view, I recognise the necessity for continuous learning from Blak, BIPOC, LGBTIQ+ and intersectional educators to better facilitate truly safe spaces for a diverse range of humans.

It is my sincere desire to create a safe and welcoming space for more marginalised identities, to be expressed and explored.   This is at the very heart of the Unleash Your Genius philosophy.

You are the final judge of whether a space or person feels safe enough for you to be around, and how much you share.

Book and show up for a zero obligation First Date meeting, to learn very quickly whether this container is enough to hold your greatness.


I am willing to be held accountable for my shortcomings in delivering on this DEI intent, particularly by noticing and proactively addressing (over time) a critical absence of diversity in my clientele and teachers.

Questions answered and ready to begin??

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 Unleash Your Genius

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When you need more time or information to decide –

Stay in touch while you gather the resources you require to support your best  decision.