Wunyah ngulum.   More of you is welcome here.

My name is Rachael Skyring and I coach success mindset for N’entrepreneurs – creative, courageous folks who are changing the culture of doing business, from the inside.

I have greeted you using Gubbi Gubbi language, in words shared by the traditional custodians of the unceded land on which I live and learn and dream and dance today.  I recognise the Gubbi Gubbi and Jinibarra peoples’ ongoing connection to their country, culture and community.  I pay my respects to the elders, past, present and future.

I make acknowledgement of country as a ritual reminder that

none of us are born into a culture or a language of justice

And that

all of us are invited to discover our unique way of ingeniously leveraging the power and the resources available to us right now to create a kinder, more equitable world for everybody – including you.

I believe in the potential of entrepreneurship – scalable innovative equitable value exchange – to do good in the world, benefiting both individuals and the collective.

At the same time, the popular slick and stylish white bro / boss babe versions of entrepreneurship seem to me like impossibly hard work at best and lethally dangerous to humanity at worst.

I struggled for years trying to grow a series of wellness based businesses, trapped by conflicting ideas about entrepreneurship, both mesmerised and terrified, full of doubt and uncertainty, unsure what to do, feeling like a failure – awkward and uncomfortable. 

Until I figured out that success lives in those surprisingly accessible moments when I feel  satisfied because I have resolved a personal impossibility by unexpected insights about where effort is NOT necessary, and the most effective order of doing things.

The general principle is this:

You can embody the feeling of success – ease, grace and contentment – you imagine as outcome of doing hard things *now*, before getting any more involved with what currently feels overwhelming.   This releases the ingenuity and energy to do the essential work you couldn’t face without a boost.


This is the way of the N’entrepreneur.

Rachael, laughing

I am a middle aged, university educated Anglo Australian woman with a part time job, three adolescent children, elderly parents and an uncomfortable marriage.

I do not have the spoons – mental or emotional bandwidth – available to take on being a stereotypical “entrepreneur”.  I tend towards being ingenuous, naive – apparently not smart, sexy or spiritual enough to do whatever it takes to get ahead.

However, I am continually seeking, accepting and valuing specific help tailored to my evolving needs and desires.  My methods include walking and window shopping, googling and scrolling, subscribing and following, showing up for free challenges and webinars, joining paid group business and marketing training programs, committing to 1:1 coaching, multiple practitioner trainings.

I ingeniously created – with time, attention and money – a sustainable network, a community of care and affirmation around myself and my particular needs and desires.

It is this invisible support structure which enables me to offer tools and assistance to other N’entrepreneurs to generate the individual affirmation and support they need for themselves, to continue the essential work of changing the culture of doing business, from the inside.


I am steadily blooming as I continue to walk the path of becoming a fully fledged N’entrepreneur, embracing ingenuity, sensitivity and lived experience as my touchstones of authenticity and progress.

I am increasingly confident in choosing and focusing on my own way and timeframes, less distracted or persuaded by pressure from outside to look or act in artificially “proper” ways.

I trust and honour my need for a calm and spacious emotional environment, with time for my out of the box ideas to develop.

I love listening to and learning from the profound wisdom of disabled and queer Blak, Black, Brown, Indigenous and Women of Colour.  Their unjustly marginalised and revolutionary perspectives make so much beautiful sense.  The more I open my heart and mind to their voices, the more I am able to hear and honour my own suppressed needs and desires.  The foundational concepts of mutual aid and community care originate here.

Stepping out of the false duality of needing to choose between opposites, and having permission to blend the most desirable parts of multiple options creates more excitement for exploring and leveraging differences.

Dancing lightly with new ideas and experiences makes it easier to incorporate, laugh about and learn from slip ups as part of the entertainment.

It starts by saying “I’m tired.  I’ve done enough!”

And then wondering 

“what do I truly want and really need?” 

It takes a considerable amount of skill and devotion to discern the answers from all the noise of what culture and society and family and partners expect of a competent and capable woman.

The path of the N’entrepreneur is rarely the obvious one.

Remember that in this moment of vulnerability – of not knowing and of feeling overwhelmed – you are not alone.

There is an entire community of warm and empathetic people ready to sit (and/or stand, walk, dance, sing, run, jump, play) with and support you through this awakening.

You’ll  want and need to connect with more and more of them as you explore further and deeper.   This is the unique network of community care and mutual aid you create by bravely following your own desires and needs.

One thing at a time.   One step at a time.

Right now, what I have to offer you is the most powerful framework I have discovered for reliably navigating personal unknowns to emerge more irrepressibly alive and calmly optimistic about the future than ever before.