I’m Rachael Skyring, Suburban Seeker,

discovering unexpected gifts in in-between moments.

Welcome to my world.

If you yearned for, longed for, desired something so badly that you could hardly bear to live without it, 

but it appeared inconceivably far beyond your reach, how could you begin to even try for it?

It seems sensible to let those dreams go, to forget them and get on with “real life”

And yet dreams do not die.

One day it is simply time to acknowledge, return to and embrace your long lost dream.

But it’s been so long that you don’t even remember what it looks like.

How can you ever find your way to reconnect????

That’s my story and my quest(ion).


Here’s what I’ve discovered so far about how to reconnect with your dream.

It’s a challenging and ongoing journey requiring ever deeper authenticity and truth.


Breathing Space

Space and time with intention but without expectation.

Allow yourself to be seduced:

Begin with nothing and be delighted by the small wonders that show up.

See things one way and then change your mind completely.


Unspoken Dialogue

There is so much more going on than the chatter.

Presence.  Breath.  Movement.  Laughter.  Perception.  Gathering.  Creation.  Sharing.  Listening.  Stillness.


Embrace Awkward

It’s going to feel weird at best to begin with.  Learn to love that vulnerability.  Call it and laugh.


I believe in this practice because it has turned my life around and continues to deliver support in my ongoing life quest.
From pathetically lost and uncertain to increasingly focused and confidently on purpose.

I got tired of trying so hard all the time and still feeling like I was never enough.  Never doing enough. Never being enough.

As a wife and mother my life felt constrained by other people’s needs and desires.  For a long time that was enough for me

 But gradually i realised i wanted more than that, though I still didn’t know what I was looking for.

Eventually I understood that I needed to rediscover and reclaim my forgotten dream.

Now I know that part of my dream is to enable other women to reconnect with theirs.


Life long collection of practices and enquiries that have informed and inspired me so far –

Team sports, training, exercise “to stay sane”



Shiva Shakti Dance – tantra

Nutritious Movement


Emotional Anatomy

Sunrise Immersion

Wonder Wandering


Art therapy


Wild Mandalas

Jungian philosophy

Depth typology

Buffet number of books read….. including

Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy

Pride and Prejudice

Where the Wild Things Are

How Tom Beat Captain Najork and his Hired Sportsmen

How Yoga Works

The Story of the Human Body

Nature and the Human Soul

Zen and the Art of Archery

Qualifications… including

Degree in Physics

Honours Degree in Astrophysics

Masters Degree in Rocket Science

Grad Dip Library & Information Management – Prize in Info Retrieval

Yoga Teaching Certificate

Laughter Yoga Certificate

First Aid and CPR

Real life > relationships, economics, self worth, parenting

Exploring the ups and downs of a suburban life as windows of enlightenment


Ready to come play outside?

I trust you have plenty of support around you already, because you are a wise and experienced woman.  

If you feel like a hit of my particular magic, I have distilled it into especially potent form.  

60 minutes on zoom will put you in direct contact with your inner muse, who knows exactly what YOU need. 

If you dare.