I coach embodied success for N’entrepreneurs, so they can actually enjoy growing their business.

Sustainable success can feel like the most amazing community care you can imagine.  Really.  Let me show you how.

Hey there gorgeous!  I’m Rachael Skyring, N’entrepreneur

N’entrepreneurs are the creative, courageous folks who are changing the culture of doing business from the inside, by consciously replacing old habits of extraction and competition with life affirming practices of mutual aid and community care.

N’entrepreneur sounds like nontrepreneur, but contains way more generous openmindedness and less mean spirited notness:

No more entrepreneur – rejects typical high stress burnout business building behaviour as too intense and draining

Neuro entrepreneur – loves thinking outside the box and highly values a super calm nervous system 

Noir entrepreneur – rebelliously recognises disabled/queer Blak, Black, Brown, Indigenous and Women/Femmes of Colour as thought leaders

Non binary entrepreneur –  ingeniously incorporates opposites, rather than choosing sides.

Novel entrepreneur – plays with revolutionary ways of dancing lightly through life.

Nova entrepreneur – explodes dull limitations,  and leaves a sparkling trail of delight

N’entrepreneurship embraces nuance, complexity, diversity and respect.

N’entrepreneurs acknowledge that their language, the most potent words used in their message, have been given life and meaning by the previous revolutionary work of Blak, Black, Brown, Indigenous, People of Colour, and Intersectional Feminists.

Out with relentless always on grind culture.  In with spaciousness, rest, time for dreaming, friends, family and fun!

Discerning what is important and meaningful from what is habitual and oppressive.

An emergent philosophy of being in the world joyfully, inclusively, kindly.

That’s the secret:

Embodying success means committing to kindness.

The disciplined practice of thinking *for* yourself, rather than against yourself.

I acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi  and Jinibara peoples as the traditional custodians of the unceded land on which I live today. I recognise their ongoing connection to country, culture and community. I pay respect to the elders, past, present and future.