1-1 Embodied Feminine Wisdom Coaching: 

Discovering Happiness

You are a passionate woman, full of vitality and enthusiasm and burning desire to do good in the world.

Perhaps right now you are feeling tired and confused and lost faith in yourself.

The person who knows what you truly need most right now is you

The trick is getting out of your own way long enough to acknowledge it.

I offer to hold a safe space and gently guide you inward along the unseen path of your inner knowing, sensing and feeling.

What you will find waiting for you is unknowable until you go there, further than you’ve ever been before, but perhaps only just around the next corner.  

There is something extraordinary that happens

when you are witnessed in the process by another human consciousness.

You have brought us together by following the question – how can it all – life – be simpler? easier? more fun?  more pleasureable?

This moment of not knowing is golden.  Even with all your prodigious vision and ability, the best way forward is not clear.

This is the moment to risk being vulnerable, by allowing more of you than even you have ever seen before to be witnessed by another human. 

Relax in a safe, nurturing and intimate environment for the birth of something absolutely exquisite and original in the whole universe. 

Invite forward your unique personal genius. 

It begins with the extraordinary conversation that follows the potent silence of not knowing.

–  It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us  –


You are a most eligible candidate for this experience if

  • You have a body 🙂
  • You are aware of a desire for more happiness in your body/life
  • You are willing to open to and explore your feelings
  • You are curious and open to receiving unanticipated insights / answers
  • You are ready and willing to show up, breathe and trust yourself

If this is you, book a Discovering Happiness zoom meeting when you are ready to gently uplevel your life.

You’ll be surprised by the profound insight that is available to you

in a very short window of time.

The effortless wisdom inside people never ceases to amaze me.

I’m so excited to share this intimate experience with you and see the treasures that will be revealed.

In Rachael’s first coaching session I became aware of how important it is to honour the land and the indigneous people of the place in which I live.  Being a child refugee myself her process helped me to ground myself even more, feeling more belonging HERE. 

She helped me reconnect to the inherent freedom of my heart AND to the loving power of the ground I walk upon as well as to the sacredness of Mother Earth.  The process still continues….

I am deeply touched and highly recommend Rachael’s loving guidance

Dana Gita Stratil, Switzerland

Voice Artist, Voice Coach, Dana Gita - Energy & Voice Healer

My day started beautifully this morning with a meditation discovery session with Rachael.

It opened up the space to see what I needed to listen to from within right now. For myself and in my business, the two are aligned, and my body gave me the imagery of how I need to follow my path, at my speed.

Listening to our inner wisdom is key, and this session has grounded me beautifully for the busy day ahead.

Thank you Rachael

Susanna Reay, UK

Online Business Strategist, Online Business, The Introvert Way

Before the session I was feeling overwhelmed with life and all that needs doing and hoping for guidance for a clearer path forward.

During the session I felt respected, heard and supported. I was guided to listen to my body and experienced some simple but powerful insights. 

After the session I felt inspired to write, and to keep writing, every day, and since our beautiful session, that is what I have done. 

Thank you Rachael xx

Fran Lilburne, Mt Martha

Before the session I was feeling stressed, quite anxious, I felt I didnt even have time to dedicate the one hour to myself. I think a word to describe it would be trapped. 

During the session I felt calm, thoughtful. I enjoyed dropping in and listening to my body. I felt you asked great questions and listened to everything I was describing with understanding and empathy. 

After the session I felt calmer, less stressed. 

I feel more empowered to work on the current issues I’m experiencing. I think something very significant [from my past] came out. I really benefitted from the hour we spent together.

Natalie Brown, Perth

–  Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.


Discovering Happiness Coaching sessions occur online via Zoom.

On the human level, You need bring absolutely nothing but yourself, exactly as you are.
There is no preparation required. You already have everything you need within your reach, effortlessly, without fuss or bother.

To use our connection during the call to focus on the subtle work, not the stuff that gets in the way, please consider and address the following  essentials BEFORE your scheduled call time.

At the real world level, you will need a safe enough space to sit where you are unlikely to be interrupted for the duration of our call (60-75 minutes).

At the technical level, you will need enough competence with Zoom to make the connection. Please ask for assistance if you need it well before your scheduled call time.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride

into the wonderland of your own heart and body, where you can find unexpected solutions to the impossible dilemmas that are spinning in your mind right now.

You’ll have the recording to keep, so you can revisit the practice any time you feel the need for a little support to reconnect with your deep inner knowing.

Got questions?

Not sure if the feminine wisdom and embodiment path to happiness now is right for you?

Contact me

Let’s talk and find out what’s the best way to move you towards experiencing your joy.