Following Summer Solstice:  RELAX  & ENJOY THE MOMENT

Creating Earth Circles

Return to the Moment

6-7am daily

until 26 Jan 2020

Maroochydore Beach
Access #149

Creating Earth Circles Jan 2020

Effortless Creativity for efficient achievers.
Barehanded connection with nature.
Early in the morning, before the rest are even out of bed
Barefoot by the sea.
You are a leader, a front line fighter. You make shit happen.
People depend on you. They look to you for direction, courage, inspiration. They need you to know what to do.
Sometimes, you’d like a break. A real break. A break that welcomes your war weary brokenness. Your bone deep exhaustion. Your secret desire for everything to be simple and effortless and actually not matter that much.
Creating Earth Circles is made for you.
Unwind and Energise
Start your day on a natural high
Expand your limits – body and mind
Explore your fullest potential
Breathe  Move  Create  Relax
I invite you to devote 60 minutes of the best part of the day to your very best self.
Gift yourself the time to breathe and smile and laugh and move and dream and create every morning through the summer holidays from 28 December to 26 January.
Set yourself up to slow right down into spacious summer days.
Join me in a small group of other beautiful souls on a gently blissful morning adventure of meditative movement and creative discovery.
It’s a micro retreat, enough time to remind yourself how simple it is to deeply relax into the multitude of small pleasures available in every moment.
A joyful morning of flowing movement and creativity.
We will touch yoga, laughter, barefoot beach walking, culminating with your unique earth circle creation.
All accessible to absolute beginners.
People believing themselves to be uncreative are especially invited.
Bring as little as possible. This is a morning to feel light and unburdened. No yoga mat or towel required.
Having said that, I do invite you to bring your phone to use as a camera. Capturing a moment in a photo helps to connect with what is in front of your eyes. Your phone camera is perfect for the task because of its simplicity and familiarity.
I also suggest that for your comfort you consider a hat and sunscreen.
A water bottle and swimmers are great options to have in the car for before and/or after the event.
So looking forward to sharing this gentle and delight filled morning with you.

Single Creating Earth Circles class

60 minute group class including

  • Opening Circle
  • Beach Wander
  • Earth Circle Creation
  • Guided Sharing


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Four Creating Earth Circles classes

  • Four Creating Earth Circles group classes over four weeks
  • Access to private fb group for sharing photos, reflections and insights
  • Invitation to end of season celebration


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7 day intensive

  •  7 Creating Earth Circles group classes over 7 consecutive days
  • access to fb group for sharing reflections and insights
  • invitation to end of season celebration
  • intention setting meeting
  • debrief meeting


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Season pass 

  • unlimited Creating Earth Circles classes until 26 Jan 2020
  • access to fb group for sharing reflections and insights
  • invitation to end of season celebration
  • intention setting meeting
  • debrief meeting
  • weekly update meeting


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Creating Earth Circles Jan 2020

Envisage your natural self

30 days in the hall of mirrors

30 January – 29 February 2020


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