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Once upon a time

there was a spirited young woman who had the world at her feet.

She went forth and did all the things.   

Degree.   Career.   Partner.  Children.    House.     Travel.   Therapy.   Yoga.   Wholefoods.

And then crossed some of them off.

She did the work.   

Personally and professionally. 

Physically and spiritually.

All seemed well.


One day she discovered that she was tired

– to her bones.

She felt trapped and unsatisfied in the beautiful world she had created for herself and her family.

She was lost where to find the energy to escape or where she wanted to go

She felt restless and unsettled

She wondered what was wrong with her.

She felt alone and unseen, unappreciated.

She longed for a place where she could speak her truth and be heard without judgement.

Where she could feel safe to dream aloud. 

Where more of her would be welcome and invited.

Her next adventure is about to begin…

–  This place where you are now, God has circled on a map for you  –


Beautiful woman,

are you are ready

  • to step more fully into your natural power?
  • to feel unshakeable confidence?
  • to stop apologising and start acting boldly?
  • to feel energised about embracing  exciting opportunities that come to you?
  • to do less and rest more?  
  • to trust your finest work can flow naturally,  with ease and grace?  
  • to consistently, audaciously, show up for yourself, no matter what else is going on?
  • to explore your true feelings about your current situation and where you long to be? 
  • to receive empowering individual guidance (kind, gentle and non judgemental)?
  • to disrupt self-limiting patterns and beliefs?
  • to embrace expansive boundaries and roles?
  • to take personally meaningful positive action fueled by energising insights ?
  • to go further and deeper on

the most direct and efficient path to authentic happiness?

  • to begin fresh, starting exactly where you are now?


Bravo you for claiming your readiness and desire for more.

–  We can’t solve problems using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them  –

pop culture / ram dass / EINSTEIN 

Welcome to the realm of

Embodied Feminine Wisdom

Where you will feel deep human connection, recognition, wonder, acceptance and laughter.

Where you will feel truly welcome, deeply understood and way more than enough as you are right now.

Where you will joyfully reconnect with the pleasure already filling your daily life

Where you will find peace and happiness already waiting for you.

Where you can decide with clarity and kindness what it is you truly desire from  your life.

Sit with me and together we can open the door to resident happiness

You will effortlessly discover the hidden knowing that is most powerful FOR YOU in your life right now.

You will easily identify your authentic next move to attract even more joy and contentment into your life.

You will implement the perfect pocket size practices to expand and amplify your liberating insight.

You will leave the session feeling energised and empowered.

–  In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities  


Hey!  I’m Rachael Skyring

Like you, I’m a conscientious, capable and courageous woman.   

A dandelion tea drinking mother, wife, librarian, yogi, living in paradise – the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia.

A few years ago, I got tired of trying so hard all the time.

Tired of feeling like I was never doing enough, being enough, good enough…

I decided to find a way to experience and enjoy this life thing with more ease and grace.

Being an AUDACIOUS WOMAN is the simple solution I discovered.

You can read more about my journey here