I teach Radical Self Acceptance for Neurodivergent Women

You can dissolve chronic self doubt and claim the audacious freedom of simply being yourself.

Let me show you how.

Hey there!  I’m Rachael and I’m ADHD Autistic.

Embracing the Neurodivergent apects of my identity has been the most profoundly liberating process of embodying self love and kindness.

I consider Neurodivergence to be a gift, a jewel in the crown of the Queen of Awkward.

My radical self acceptance project began quietly about ten years ago in my early 40’s.  The Double A label is just one highlight of an ongoing exploration, a reclaiming of my true nature.

I was a joyful and outgoing child, growing up in suburban Australia in the 1970s, a decade before patterns of Neurodivergent behaviour began to be recognised and documented.

Somewhere early on in that ordinary middle class childhood, I lost my joy.

I became merely a good girl; quiet, clever, pretty, agreeable.

I stayed that way for nearly forty years.

I did all the things I was supposed to do – exercise, study, work, travel, relationships, marriage, children, wholefoods, yoga.

Gradually, slowly, I realised I was tired and frustrated and unfulfilled by it all.

Then the adventure began.

I acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people as the traditional custodians of the unceded land on which I live today. I acknowledge their ongoing connection to country, culture and community. I pay respect to the elders, past, present and future.