I teach Radical Self Acceptance for overwhelmed overthinkers.

Radical self acceptance can feel surprisingly unlike another onerous problem solving challenge, and more like falling into an exhilarating dance with your deepest desires.

Let me show you how to stop avoiding critical judgment, so clarity, confidence and hope can flourish in your life.

Hey there!  I’m Rachael and I’m an overthinker!

I absolutely believe that thoughtfulness is a gift, and that the world needs more engaged and disciplined thinkers.

I used to believe that hardly anybody else was thinking about what’s really important, so I needed to think and organise for everybody.

It was exhausting!  And eventually, overwhelming.  There are so many huge problems in the world.

Why can’t everybody just be kind to each other?

That seems to be the obvious answer, though clearly not easy to implement for most people.

But I was giving it my best shot.  Being thoughtful and kind wherever I went, with whoever I met.  People loved to see me, and I loved to help.

It was awkward when I discovered that I was too tired and I didn’t want to be the most thoughtful and responsible person anymore.

And I was hurt and confused, because after all my intense focus and attention to fulfilling their invisible needs, very few people in my life seemed to have time to really listen to or care for me.

My children were growing up and away, my marriage was unravelling, my friends and family all busy with their own lives.

I started to wonder what was the point of it all?  Had I been wrong about everything in my life?  Was it all a terrible mistake?  Had I wasted all my time and energy?

I was just about ready to burn it all down.

I acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people as the traditional custodians of the unceded land on which I live today. I acknowledge their ongoing connection to country, culture and community. I pay respect to the elders, past, present and future.