I help clever, emotional people stop trying to conform to average expectations, so they can enjoy more of what they really love.

Achieving unconventional outcomes in unexpected ways can feel surprisingly easy and liberating.

Truly.  Let me show you how.

Hey there!  I’m Rachael (she/they)

I am a multipassionate person.  My world is dense with multi-layered meaning and potential.

My things hold stories.

My places are full of history, 

The roles I play come with plenty of baggage: entrepreneur, coach, mother, wife, librarian, friend, sister, daughter.

My values and beliefs carry heavy expectations – climate change, consumerism, anti-racism, gender issues, feminism.

Oh, and I adore the actual humans around me  as well.


This list of commitments could feel overwhelming to manage.

And in the past, it definitely has.   

I have spent years struggling in denial and avoidance of my true capacity for addressing a number of apparently unconnected desires simultaneously. 


Eventually, I discovered that one thing makes it possible for me to negotiate the complex terrain of human passions with ease and grace.

I acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi people as the traditional custodians of the unceded land on which I live today. I acknowledge their ongoing connection to country, culture and community. I pay respect to the elders, past, present and future.